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Board Member

Kizzy Fraser
Case Administrator   
Federal Judiciary

Kizzy is a proud mother of two beautiful children. She enjoys learning and sharing her knowledge. Kizzy believes everyone is responsible for contributing their fair share to their generation. And so, she aims to leave a legacy of better people by encouraging others to have better experiences and opportunities through her interactions, training materials, and biblical teachings.

Kizzy holds an MBA from the University of Maryland University College and works as a case administrator for the federal judiciary.

She enjoys running, writing, and hiking with her pet, Rome, in her free time.

Having started over her life in her late thirties, Kizzy understands the challenges of starting over. She joined the Fresh Start Furnishings (FSF) Board of Directors because their vision and values align with hers. She believes in FSF's support for families needing a fresh start and finds its mission worth contributing towards.

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