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Clothing & Textile Recycling

We've partnered with Turnkey Enterprises to offer this new and convenient donation option for donors dropping off at our showroom. Located at the back of our parking lot and available 24/7, our new donation collection shed not only gives you an easy way to recycle your clothing and textiles, it helps us raise money to support our mission of transforming empty houses into homes! 

Turnkey Enterprises is a for-profit company that helps nonprofits raise money by paying their non-profit partners for each pound of clothing that is collected at their site.  The clothing that is collecting is either sold to thrift stores or responsibly recycled. 


Items Being Collected:

  • Clothing

  • Shoes/Sneakers

  • Belts

  • Purses

  • Stuffed animals

  • Blankets, sheets, drapes, and pillowcases that are in poor to fair condition and unable to be used by the Fresh Start Furniture Program. (If they are in excellent or good condition, please donate them to Fresh Start Furnishings during our open donation hours.  We do not monitor donations placed in the shed).

Don't want your clothing to be resold or recycled?

If you have clothing in LIKE NEW or GOOD condition and you prefer that it go directly to someone in need, we suggest donating to one our trusted community partners.  

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