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Fresh Start Furnishings is hosting a furniture and décor upcycling competition, inspired by the HGTV show Flea Market Flip. Teams will compete in multiple categories, and the items created in the competition will be featured in our live and silent auctions at our 1st Annual Tapas and Treasures Signature event on Friday, April 26, 2024 at Mountain Branch Golf Club.


Team registration

         o Individuals and teams up to 5 may register

         o Competition begins January 1st, 2024 and late registration closes January 15th 

Competition Categories:

o Small/Mid-sized Furniture
o Wall Décor
o Tabletop Décor or Centerpiece

Award Categories & Prizes:

o Professional’s Choice Award

▪ A professional upcycler from a local retail business will choose the top three items to be
featured in our live auction.
▪ The winning prize for each piece will be one free ticket with reserved seating to the Tapas &
Treasures event.

o People’s Choice Award: “The Platinum Paintbrush”

▪ All upcycled items will be featured on an online platform for the community to vote on their
favorite pieces in each category.
▪ Winners in each category will receive the “Platinum Paintbrush” award and their team picture
will be displayed in our showroom and on our website for one year.

o Fresh Start Fundraising Award

▪ This award will go to the team who raises the most money for Fresh Start Furnishings through
peer-to-peer fundraising.
▪ The winning team will receive one free ticket with reserved seating to the Tapas & Treasures event.

Flippin’ for Good

o All pieces that do not win an award will still benefit the mission of Fresh Start Furnishings in some way.
o The event committee will select a number of items (TBD) for the silent auction that will be displayed in
vignettes at the Tapas & Treasures event.
o Any items not auctioned at the event may be included in our online marketplace called “The Treasure
Chest” that is planned to be launched in April 2024 and unveiled at the event.
o Items that have not been sold up to 90 days after the event maybe offered for free to clients of the Fresh
Start Furniture Program.



  • Support:

    • Team Captains will be provided with a “tool kit” to help you start out strong and finish successfully with pride.

  • Masterclass:

    • Once registration has closed, an in-person furniture flipping demonstration (sanding, painting, etc.), will be offered to participating teams.

    • An online recording will be made available as well. Participation is voluntary.

  • Item selection:

    • Items to be upcycled may be selected from our program showroom, the BumbleJunk Warehouse, or through your own resources.

    • Team captains can contact Alicia Hamilton at to coordinate a showroom visit. All items must be selected by February 1st.

    • Teams are asked to submit one item per competition category.

  • Cost:

    • In appreciation of your participation and agreement to underwrite your project expenses, there is no registration fee for individuals or teams to participate in the Fresh Start Flip competition.

  • Checkpoints:

    • In order to ensure a successful event, checkpoints will be used to monitor your team’s progress. Please see the event timeline for more details.

  • Project Budget:

    • We have chosen NOT to implement a maximum spending limit for your projects.  Our goal is to team with you to raise money to support our mission. If you would like to financially invest in a project to help us reach that goal, we welcome your creativity and ambition.



● Nov. 13-Dec. 15: Primary (Early Bird) registration window
● Jan. 1: Competition opens
● Jan. 8, Checkpoint 1: Team photo due
● Jan. 15: Final registration closes
● Jan. 20-21: Goal date for Masterclass/Demo
● Feb. 1, Checkpoint 2: “Before” photos of selected items to be upcycled
● Feb. 1 – March 15: We would love to receive progress updates via photos or videos, or an invitation for an event organizer to visit one of your project workdays.
March 15-20: FINAL DEADLINE to turn in completed pieces
● March 26-April 4: LIVE voting for the People's Choice Award

● April 4: Final day to submit team fundraising donations

● April 5: Fresh Start Competition Wrap-Up and Official Judging 

BONUS WEEK: April 18 – April 26: Virtual Silent Auction for the Tapas & Treasures

o Share with your friends and families to bid on the favorite pieces you would like to win!
o The auction will be live until (approx.) 9:30pm on April 26th!

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