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We are pleased to now offer charitable license plates to benefit the Fresh Start Furniture Program!


In God We Trust Plate Design (5 × 2.5 in).png

Simply by purchasing an “In God We Trust” license plate for $50, Maryland residents can share their love of God and others while supporting the important ministry of giving individuals and families a place to call Home. License plates will be mailed by the MVA directly to your home making it easier than ever to sign-up! Simply complete the two-step process and you can support the mission of Transforming Empty Houses into Homes through the Fresh Start Furniture Program.

To submit online:

  1. Email the completed application as an attachment to

  2. Submit payment via the payment button linked above.

To submit by mail:

  1. Complete the application linked above

  2. Make a check payable to Fresh Start Furnishings for $50.00

  3. Mail both the form and the check to:

Fresh Start Furnishings  
1050 Hardees Dr, Suite B

Aberdeen, MD 21001

To purchase in-person please email to set up an appointment time.

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