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It takes a village!

Pictured here are a case worker and her client along with volunteers from a local church, the Community Work Service Program and Fresh Start Furnishings.

Community Partners

Since 2016, we have been accepting referrals from many local county agencies, nonprofit organizations, and churches.  Our goal is to support your mission by helping to stabilize the families you serve.

Fresh Start Furnishings will support you by:
•    Processing and fulfilling customer/client referrals quickly as possible

•    Providing informational materials at your request.
•    Referring clients who are in need of the services you provide.

You can support Fresh Start Furnishings by:

•    Completing our Community Partner Contact Form  
•    Sharing about the Fresh Start Furniture Program with colleagues and leadership 
•    Referring customers in need of furniture to our complete our online 
•    Assisting customers who qualify for the program with 
transportation when possible

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