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If a client is dissatisfied with the services he/she has received at Found in Faith Ministries, the client should first inform the volunteer/staff providing the services and attempt to reach a resolution. If the issue is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, the client may request to meet with the volunteer/staff supervisor. The client may contact the supervisory staff by calling 443-519-2464 ext. 6 to reach the Program Director.  The Director may request a written statement regarding the client’s complaint at any time. If the client remains dissatisfied with the resolution taken by the Director, he/she may appeal in writing to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will respond in writing to the client within ten (10) business days or receipt. If the Executive Director is unavailable at the time the complaint is submitted, the written complaint will be acknowledged by the appropriate designee and the client will be informed that the Executive Director will respond upon return to the office.


If a client is still dissatisfied, he/she may appeal in writing to the Found in Faith Ministries Board of Directors. The letter should include an explanation of the issue and steps taken. The Board of Directors will review the information and may recommend procedural changes at Found in Faith Ministries to address the issues presented.


Found in Faith Ministries is required to forward a copy of all complaints related to discrimination to the Maryland Commission on Human Relations and notify the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention of the complaint. During the entire grievance process, all necessary care will be taken to ensure that confidentiality and privileged information remains intact.


This policy is specific to services rendered by Found in Faith Ministries employees and volunteers, not non-agency outcomes including housing or court rulings.  Clients are informed where to reference client grievance procedures on the Client Waiver that is presented at the time of their appointment.  By initialing, a client agrees that they understand Found in Faith Ministries client grievance procedures.  

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