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"I am only one, but I am one!  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do, stop me from doing what I can do." 

~Edward Everett Hale

Fresh Start Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization.  Since 2016, we have worked as a team to furnish homes and stabilize futures for Harford's most vulnerable citizens.  If you would like to experience the joy of transforming someone's empty house into a place that truly feels like home, please take a few minutes to complete our Volunteer Interest form today!

Showroom Attendants


✓ Sort & organize housewares

✓ Meet clients and help select needed items

✓ Accept donations and place with like items

✓ Complete Donor/Client documentation

✓ Clean/tidy showroom for visual presentation

✓ Quality control of inventory (ex. make sure lamps in working order, clean small appliances as needed, discard incomplete/defective donations)

✓ Assemble sets of housewares items for distribution (ex. silverware, dishes, bedding)

Skills:  Friendly, Compassionate, Team Player, Reliable, Contentious 


✓ Wednesdays, 10am-2pm

✓ Fridays, 3pm-6pm

✓ Second Saturdays, 10am-1pm 

✓ Third Saturdays, 9am-12pm 

✓ New shifts needed based on your availability! 


Transport Team


✓ Individuals (with pickups/trailers a plus!)

✓ Small groups/teams

✓ Box truck drivers


✓ Drive vehicle transporting furniture

✓ Deliver furniture to clients/Pick up furniture from donor

✓ Select furniture in showroom to be delivered to client (list will be provided with all info about delivery)

✓ Furniture placement in showroom of donations being picked up

✓ Complete Donor/Client Documentation  

Skills: Friendly, Compassionate, Team Player, Reliable, Contentious, Ability to move large furniture (moving assistance tools provided).  

Shifts:  Vary based on volunteer availability.  Please contact to inquire about current transport schedule needs.


Box Truck Drivers: Our box truck is currently provided by Bel Air United Methodist Church. Drivers are needed to provide pick-up of donations and deliveries.  Although helpful, it is not necessary for drivers to move furniture.  DOT and background check required.  


People with pickups/trailers:  We often get offers from donors with only one or two items to donate.  This is a great opportunity for one or two person teams to complete smaller jobs and reduce pickup wait times. 

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